I Don’t Carry A Purse. Do You?

YES. You read that correctly I do not carry a purse. Just a wallet that my cell phone, money, cards, receipts, and chapstick fit into.

I think you can tell a lot about a person by taking a look at their desk. Most consider my desk messy. I like to spread out and work on things and be able to look at data on paper then turn to my computer or think out an idea on my whiteboard. All that to say everything is in its pile.

Please take a gander at my workspace!


Starting from the top all of the knick-knacks, photos, and paintings are all very special to me — everything from the P.I.G. trophy I received at Leadership Wichita Falls to the precious baby picture of Oaklee. Now the fun part my workspace area. I think the first thing I notice is all of the Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) logos. My office is decked out in CMN. My favorite CMN desk accessory is the cape on my chair! I think I utlize PostIts and my computer at almost the same rate. Sadly if it is not in front of me, I am liable to forget. Right next to the Taco Casa cup of tea is another one of my favorite things- handwritten notes I have received. I keep them all in the blue ‘cage’ to remind myself how blessed I am to have great friends or to receive odd anonymous “Good job Shelby!” notes.

So what do you think my desk says about me?  Do you think someone’s desk or purse holds a lot of details about that person?


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