How Your Personality Type Affects Your Parenting Style

I’ve always been quite obsessed with personality tests, and the mother of all of them – the Myers-Briggs test. I like being given some insight into who I am, how my view of the world affects how I interact with it, and weaknesses I may have been blind to. Knowing someone else’s personality type also gives you a really good sense of understanding how they think and the best way to communicate with them.

What’s really cool is that there are some interesting articles out there these days about how your personality type affects your parenting style. So I thought I would take a moment to share those, along with these super cool art prints I found that correspond to each personality type.

Here is mine:

What is yours??? Leave it in the comments!!

On Personality and Parenting:

5 big takeaways from a new study linking personality type to parenting style.

Parenting Personalities based on Myers Briggs types

Some More Great Reads on Personality:

The site 16 Personalities gives a nice, detailed full analysis of each, including strengths, weaknesses, friendships, career paths and parenting styles.

Joanna at Cup of Jo talks about personality traits based on your birthday (and a book called “The Secret Language of Birthdays” that I used to have until one of my dogs chewed the binding.)

I also highly recommend another great book called “People Patterns” that talks about the four temperaments and how they are reflected in the media we consume and how we relate to it – from Sex and the City characters to Seinfeld. (Always thought you were a Charlotte? Read the book and know for sure. 😉 )

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