Holidays, Toddlers and Candy – How Do You Deal?

Yesterday, Teddy came home from his preschool class party for Valentine’s Day with a bag FULL of candy. This was his first real holiday haul of goodies, and a totally new experience for us to navigate.

At Halloween last year, he was just two weeks shy of turning two years old and in FULL ON into a stranger-danger phase, so we did not go Trick-or-Treating. And really, the kid had never had real candy at that point, because I’ve been attempting to avoid having my kid plagued by the same sugar addiction I struggle with. So we just sat that one out.

(Side note: We’ve been giving him little boxes of yogurt-covered raisins and calling it “candy” for months now. It’s surprisingly effective.)

All that to say that for the first time in his young life, I let Teddy have freedom to indulge in his holiday loot.

The results were not as bad as they could have been. I dumped the whole bag of goodies onto the couch for us to dig through together, then sat back to observe to see just how he would react without any prompting. He of course demanded everything be opened for him, but since he’s generally unfamiliar with candy, they mostly just ended up in an uneaten pile on our couch. By the end, he consumed no more than a fun size pack of Welch’s gummies and fun size Skittles, before he was done with the whole candy thing.

(Then of course there was the fruit roll-up from one of his classmates that I pretended wasn’t candy and I couldn’t open it, to just avoid the whole mess. Lol. I’ll be sad when he’s no longer that gullible.)

But the whole thing got me thinking about what’s appropriate for two year olds. I’m not by any means a super granola parent. I tend to be pretty middle-of-the road. I mean, the kid had never eaten Skittles before (to my knowledge) but I let him, even though I watched closely for potential choking issues.

QUESTION: What foods/candies are off-limits to your toddlers?

I’m very curious to see where everyone stands on this issue. Especially because I had mental debates on what WE would bring to class, and ended up with really basic Trolls themed cards with a single gummy heart attached to each one:

PS – Shout out to this Pinterest-savvy mom and/or dad who sent these dinosaurs to Teddy’s class. SO stinkin’ cute, and basically avoids the whole drama of whose kid is allowed to have what candy. Totally copying this next year…



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