Hey Mom Friend..Checking On You

Hi Parent Friends!


I’m checking on you during this world wide pandemic. Seeing if you are conquering school at home, feeding your children every 30 minutes, work and oh and your mental health!

No, good because none of us are. Remember to give yourself love and grace. About the only tip I have is getting up before everyone, at least the littles. If not the rest of my day will be hectic. I get dressed, feed MYSELF. What we have to eat too? Yes, yes we do. By get dressed for me means warm ups and tshirt nothing fancy here, but that’s my normal. I’ve always been a sports girl; you do you! Whatever makes you happy and confident. But PS, I don’t suggest high heels to be at home all day.

If you have a devotional, a favorite worship song, or just spend sometime in earnest prayer to God for the day. He doesn’t need fancy words, just your heart. It will gear you up or refresh your soul. Both needed today, but any day. If I’m lucky I can spend a tad bit of time with Savannah and Hoda on the Today Show, it’s my fav.

I hope this helps and finds you and your family well.

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