Heigh-Ho, Heigh-Ho, It’s Off to the Gym We Go!

Did you know that 37% of Americans resolve to lose weight, and 32% resolve to stay fit in the New Year? The weight loss industry definitely knows! It ramps up its marketing this time of year – you’ve likely seen offers for discounts at local and national gym chains.

What these advertisements omit is that gym memberships are still expensive, averaging $58 per month. And that’s without counting any miscellaneous upfront charges!

Be smart when it comes to your health club membership. Here’s what you should do before you sign up for that new membership:

1. Shop around for a bargain. There are many options, from fancy health clubs with lots of frills to local community centers where you can work out in a gym without the expense. You may be gung-ho about working out right now, but read the fine print before you sign on, because health club memberships are not easy to get out of should the feeling wear off. Try to avoid automatic payments, which could be difficult to stop, and make sure you understand all the details regarding when you can or can’t freeze your account.

2. Check for a discount. Before shopping for a gym, check with your employer, insurance provider, or any groups you belong to (even Costco). They might offer discounts if you go to certain gyms they have partnerships with.

3. Go your own way. If you can’t find the bargain that’s right for you, skip the gym membership altogether. For exercise, you can find tips online to teach you yoga and cardio to tone every part of your body. For support, get into fitness groups with friends or like-minded acquaintances for the kind of coaching you’d normally pay a personal trainer for.

Your Turn: How are you going to meet your fitness goals in 2018 without breaking the bank? Share your best tips and get fit with us in the comments!

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