Heart of a Woman

This past weekend I was fortunate to attend the Heart of a Woman brunch on behalf of Texoma Community Credit Union. This is the fourth year I’ve been, and I love everything about it. I love coming together as a community to support the United Regional Foundation, and coming together as women to support women’s health. (I also really, really love to see that many people color-coordinating their outfits, haha.)

Aside: If I could have made my wedding guests adhere to a certain color palette when choosing their outfits to attend our reception (and not have come off as completely insane) I would have. The photos would have been SO much more Pinterest-worthy. If Pinterest has existed yet when I got married.

ANYHOW. Back to things of substance. Where were we? Women’s health.

I love Heart of a Woman because every year it reminds me of the exact same thing that I never do – MAKE TIME FOR MYSELF. If there is one distinct message from these events, it is this: As women (and moms, hello!) we spend so much time caring for others that we often neglect our own health. Take time for yourself and make sure you are getting check ups, finding some time to work out, eat healthy. Because you are no use to all those people who depend on you if your health isn’t there.

Like the airplane safety briefing: Put on YOUR oxygen mask before assisting others!

I write this as I look down at my hands and see chipped, barely-there nail polish on stubs of nails. And I haven’t gotten a haircut in maybe a year. And my eyebrows are out of control. And that’s just superficial things.

It’s a good thing the ways I’m probably neglecting my health aren’t so outwardly obvious as well. (Okay, well many of them are in the form of extra poundage, but that is beside the point!)

The question then becomes this: How do we make our own wellness more of a priority?

Seriously, ladies, I don’t know how to answer that question. It wasn’t rhetorical. Hah.

As a working mom I see my son for an hour and a half in the morning as I get ready for work, and two hours between when I pick him up from daycare and his bedtime. Those hours are precious and I can’t imagine giving any up to exercise. Do I adjust his schedule to take him with me? Do I skip my lunch break and leave work early to hit the gym?

(Someone with older kids tell me it gets easier to manage? Lie if necessary 😉 )

What are your tips?

Please share in the comments!


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