Healthy Faux Chipotle Burrito Bowl Recipe

I’d like to take this opportunity to brag on how stinkin’ awesome my husband is sometimes. He’s the only one in our family that can actually put a decent meal together, so he’s been helping me with my eating makeover.

One of my favorite meals is a burrito bowl from Chipotle or Qdoba – with all the bad things. Chicken, cilantro lime rice, corn salsa, sour cream, guacamole and cheese, with some green Tabasco to top it off. I could probably eat that every day.

So he came up with this for me. And it was AMAZING.


  • Birds Eye SteamFresh Riced Cauliflower – It’s brand new, they sell it at Walmart, and it’s changing my life, people. Add chopped cilantro and squeeze a lime over the top.
  • Grass Fed Ground Beef – I’ve never been into the organic food movement, but we started buying organic grass fed beef and the flavor is SO much better, so the hubby wanted me to mention that’s the key on this one. Then he added a sprinkling of onion powder, garlic powder, Kenny’s BBQ seasoning, Worcester sauce and salt and pepper and browned it on an iron skillet.
  • Fresh avocado
  • Shredded cheese
  • Tabasco Green JalapeƱo Sauce – Don’t let the jalapeƱo part scare you – it’s not spicy at all, and THIS gives the meal that little something extra.

Seriously, that’s it. And it totally quashed those Chipotle and Qdoba cravings while keeping my carbs in check.

If you try it, let me know? I’m curious what you think/how you would change it up. Also if you have any other SUPER EASY low carb recipes, please share!

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