Happy Valentine’s Day!

How time flies…  Happy V-Day from me and the not-so-little Ted man!

I’m not SUPER into Valentine’s Day, but I have been in love with one particular someone for almost THIRTEEN years now (time really IS flying!) and today is a day about celebrating love and pretty colors and chocolates and flowers, so honestly, what’s not to love?

Here’s how my family is celebrating:

  • Partook in the time-honored tradition of making Valentine’s cards for Teddy’s preschool class last night after he went to bed.
  • We bought two steaks at Market Street over the weekend to grill up tonight for dinner.
  • Sent greeting cards to all the grandparents from Teddy and threw in a cute polaroid of all three of us for the fridge display that is sure to follow.
  • Planning to swing by Margie’s Sweet Shop after work and pick up a couple of their AMAZING sugar cookies with the perfect amount (read: excessive amount) of decorative icing.
  • Eventually exchange cards with the hubby.

And honestly, that’s it. We keep it pretty low key. What about y’all? What do you usually do for V-Day, and what are you doing this year?

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