Happy Thanksgiving! A Trip Down Memory Lane…

To me, Thanksgiving, more than any other holiday, is all about family time. I’m sure that’s true for a lot of us. But even without COVID, there have been years we haven’t been able to get together. My family is spread out all across Texas (and NYC), and sometimes that means holidays apart, and choosing to be thankful for modern inventions like FaceTime and Zoom and all the things that bridge the gap.

I know this year it’s going to be all different and weird and not what we had hoped or planned for. Today, we are all showing our love for our families in different ways – maybe that means not seeing them in person this year. So I wanted to remind you that even though I know it’s hard, there is still joy to be found in this special day, and ways to feel connected.

Until we can all be together again, safe and healthy, here’s my little trip down memory lane of Thanksgiving past. To me, it’s a reminder that in reality, EVERY Thanksgiving has looked completely different. It’s also a reminder that even the hard years are filled with so many small and big blessings along the way – because looking at these pictures, you wouldn’t even know which were the hard years – just that they were filled with love.

Today, I’m wishing each of you guys (our readers, and my family) the very best Thanksgiving. We’ve come so far and endured so much this year, I hope today gives you the respite you so deserve.

2006 – The year my dad deep-fried a turkey and didn’t burn the house down. Also shown: My mom putting the appropriate amount (aka the whole pack) of marshmallows on our sweet potato casserole, and my amazing, inspiring WWII veteran Poppa, who is still doing great at 97 this year!

2007 – The Thanksgiving we got engaged! <3

2010 – Probably one of my all-time favorite Thanksgiving photos because it perfectly encapsulates just how wonderfully my sweet, crazy hubby fits in with my family. Bahahahah.

2012 – Our first Thanksgiving in Wichita Falls (just 5 months after we moved here) – my dad and sisters came to visit us, so of course we had to visit the falls.

2013 – Love this picture of me and my dad. He’s the most selfless (and also incredibly witty) person I know.

2015 – The year baby Teddy arrived on the scene! He was just a couple of weeks old, and the whole family came to see us. My mom wasn’t in good health, but she made the seven-hour trip, and it meant the world to me.

2016 – My sister Allison and her hubby were coming in from NYC to spend Thanksgiving with her inlaws in Dallas. She couldn’t make multiple Thanksgivings, so we hijacked/were graciously invited to spend the day with my brother in law’s family.

2018 – My sister Chelsey made a special trip to spend Thanksgiving with us when we couldn’t get away to see the families in Houston or Austin. I am so grateful that my sisters are two of my best friends. Also, she made me do physical activity and walk the trail that year after we ate, so kudos to her for that, lol.

2019 – Friendsgiving with my dear friend who has become family to me. Everyone needs friends like this in their life.

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