Education During COVID: Six Week Checkup on Homeschool/Digital

Phew! Can y’all believe that your students are already halfway through the first 6 weeks?! How has been it going for you? And them?

We are checking in with our homeschool & digital students right now as they share some thoughts!

Nayari, 6th grader from BMS, digital:
I really like it. Besides all the loneliness and glitching everything is pretty mellow.

6th grader, Homeschool:
I would rather go to school and be social.

Thoughts from Mom:
I also don’t think he understands the social distancing and how school is not like it used to be.


My heart hurts for those who are having a hard time during this new season of how school looks. Please know that you are not alone and that if you and/or your student need help/support, please reach out to a trusted friend! Set up playdates, coffee time, or share a meal with a friend. Don’t stay alone.
Editor’s Note: This post is part of an ongoing series called “Education During COVID,” documenting the experience of students in our community during these unusual and stressful times. To read the other parts of this series, click here.

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One thought on “Education During COVID: Six Week Checkup on Homeschool/Digital

  1. Teddy’s been going to preschool the whole time. I’m a pretty lucky parent because he has NO problem wearing a mask. We presented it as something superheroes do, and he’s so cool with it, he literally puts on his mask when he gets in the car on the way to school, even though I’ve explained he doesn’t have to yet. Lol.