Graduations and Growth

preschool graduate

As this year’s graduates walk the stage, I watched with a renewed attention.  graduates

In May 2031, Oaklee will walk the ‘big’ stage.  This year he walked across the stage as a preschool graduate. Y’all let’s take a moment for every mom whose baby is growing quicker than they realized.  preschool graduate

So much of what I thought I knew about parenting has been debunked over the past few years. We’ve stumbled, walked the tightrope, over-parented (is that a thing), fought against the fear of Oaklee failing. Ultimately we let him bear the weight of his choices and challenges of leaving toddlerhood and entering young boyhood.   pre-k grad

It’s about growing. More specifically, it’s about letting my son become who God made him be. I have chosen to let my son be who he is. Oaklee handles situations differently than me. He has a different timetable than me. Have MERCY (in my best uncle Jessie voice) that is so true! He interacts with people different than me. He’s not me. He’s not my husband. He is not a copy. He is an original. Someone who God made to be unique from me. 

At times, I feel like I’m doing less molding and shaping, and more watching as my son’s heart, character, and passions are revealed. There’s something about this “growing” process that feels so removed from me. But In many ways, we are growing together. We have developed from the negative statistics of me being a teen parent and him the child being raised by a ‘child.’ We grow and stretch every year.  

1 Samuel 2:26 

26 And the boy Samuel continued to grow in stature and in favor with the LORD and with people. 


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