Firetrucks, Budget-Busters, and Toddler Sleepovers (Oh My!)

HAPPY FRIDAY, everyone! I don’t know about you, but it’s been a WEEK (and a half, maybe three years) for me.

After a small explosion/electrical fire in our A/C unit on Wednesday night, and visit from the Wichita Falls Fire Department to make sure our house was not on fire, we’ve been without A/C for two days now. Luckily, my hubby got a window unit for our bedroom, because the rest of our house is a balmy 82 degrees. So last night it was us, two dogs, and a toddler all nestled in one room.

As you can imagine, we all slept GREAT. (Whimper.)

And on top of that, I learned another fun fact: those window units don’t quite filter the outside air like your regular HVAC system does. So I woke up this morning feeling like I had chain-smoked all last night and had the WORST sore throat of my life.

Although I’m groggy and slightly grumpy this morning, the whole experience has given me time to reflect on two things:

1.  My hubby and I do great together in crisis situations.

What? It’s 9:30 pm and the house is filling with electrical fire fumes? You grab the sleeping toddler, I’ll put the dogs in the backyard and call 911 and meet you in the front lawn. DONE. Install a window unit at 10 pm? Sure! I’ll hold the power tools. We’ve gone through a lot together in our 13 year relationship – living through a hurricane, law school, unemployment, deaths of close family members, having a baby (of course), emergency medical issues and surgeries, moving a LOT, not to mention all the minor pet health emergencies. I’m always proud of how we work together as a team in those moments, and so thankful for him in my life.

2. It’s when you’re on the right path that the devil tries the hardest to side-rail your good efforts.

I remember when we took Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University together as a couple in the Fall of 2016, Dave said something to that effect. But it really is SO TRUE. Our family has been BAD about spending money and going over budget the last several months, so we decided to institute of month of NO restaurants, fast food, any type of going out to eat. We were almost halfway through when all this A/C stuff went down, and it’s basically going to cost more than we would have ever saved from eating at home.

At moments like that, it’s SO HARD not to just throw in the towel and feel like we will never get where we want to be with our finances. But it’s that mentality that is so destructive. If we give in to that feeling, the situation only gets worse. So we’re pressing on with eating at home, and just waiting to see what the final bill is when our A/C is (hopefully) fixed today or tomorrow.

So today, I will remember to count my blessings, have a couple of Ricolas and hot tea, and thank the Lord because even though I may never be rich, it is instead, a rich and abundant life that I have been given. Amen.

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