My Favorite Texas Bloggers

photo credit Bake at 350

Meredith at Cake & Confetti – Way back in yester-year, Meredith and I used to work together at an advertising agency in Houston. Right after I left for Wichita Falls, she took a leap of faith and started her own business. I am so in awe of how her business has taken off since then, I’ve always been in awe of her amazing style.  I am also SO glad I snagged her to help style my little sister’s wedding shower years ago when she was first getting started. Meredith, the ladies who attended STILL talk about it. 😉

Kim at Champagneista – This fabulous fashionista has been so chic ever since my days as a nerdy high school marching band kid. She was part of the dance team that performed with us, and even though I don’t get to see her in person, I am so glad I can continue to catch her trendy pics through her blog!

Lauren at Eat, Drink, and Be Lauren – Also a marching band friend, this girl is witty and fun and she loves food and culture and art. I’m a little mad she’s out-Lauren-ed me, but I’ll take it if I get to continue reading her take on life. 😉

Laura and Karen at The Queso – Laura was my boss for a little while when I worked in PR in Houston, and later my client as the co-founder of Mom 2.0 Summit. She is a downright exceptional writer and cool chick, who is a few years ahead of me in the boy-mom journey, so I like to get tips when I can. I also met Karen during my time working on Mom 2.0 Summit and she is one of those truly unique, beautiful souls out there. She also happens to be an amazing photographer, so that beautiful soul just translates to her art in a rather magical way.

Jenny at The Bloggess – Another Mom 2.0 Summit alum who has since become a #1 NY Times BEST SELLING author. Her writing is brutally honest, unbelievably hilarious, and not for the faint of heart. Bottom line: You’ll enjoy reading everything she has to say, but don’t say I didn’t warn you! I have to admit I’m psuedo-stalkery obsessed, but since we both apparently have problems with social anxiety, it took me oh, about six times of being in the same room as her to just get this picture:

Who else’s blog should I be reading??? If you know of any other awesome Texas ladies who blog, leave it in the comments for me! 🙂

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