Father’s Day Gift Guide

For whatever reason, I am not the best gift-giver when it comes to my husband. He’s a little hard to shop for, but mostly my problem is that when I buy presents, I buy what I would like to receive myself. This works great for my sisters and girl friends, but my husband’s tastes tend to be very different from my own.

Sprinkle in the fact that he is generally awesome at gifts for me (especially this year for Mother’s Day) and the pressure is ON!

I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way, so I did a little crowd-sourcing on Facebook and combined with some ideas of my own for what I hope is a very helpful 2017 Father’s Day gift guide.

(For the FULL list of ideas and links to where to purchase everything below, visit our Pinterest page – we made a board just for Father’s Day!)


These were some great ideas I certainly didn’t think of myself. Does your guy have everything? Gift him an experience instead. How about a CHL class, Rangers tickets, or something else he’s been wanting to do? Or some dad-themed books for him to read with the kiddos?  Or a DIY kit – from bacon-making, beer-brewing, you name it, there’s a kit for it!



Sure, there are a million mugs and wallets and keychains and such out there, and this idea is older that TIME, but here are my top picks that make the idea feel fresh and modern:


Get the gourmet goodies he wouldn’t get for himself. My husband lived in Lockhart when he was little, and has always loved Black’s Barbecue. It’s become so popular they will even ship you some, so it’s been on his gift list for just about every holiday and birthday. It’s THAT good. Then there are some great local places like Keeno’s Jerky. Or pick up a beer growler from Ganache Cupcake Lounge ($15-17) or an iced coffee growler from Odd Duck Coffee (Refillable growler is $15, ready-to-pour $16.95, Concentrate $29.95).


Go old school with a magazine subscription! (And hey, maybe he’ll take it to the bathroom instead of his smart phone.) Depends what his interests are, but my suggestions are Wired, The Economist, Psychology Today, Time, or Sports Illustrated. I’ve heard of many great (and manly) subscription boxes, and some rave reviews of the $1 Shave Club. For the bearded dads, try products from locally owned Best Damn Beard Company.


To me, handmade is tough because while it’s very sweet to give at the time, you end up with so many of these things over the years. And what exactly are you supposed to do with them? Be heartless and throw them away? Or hold on to it forever and add even more kid clutter to your house? (I’m a real sentimentalist, huh?) So here are a few that I think are frame-worthy:

Fun Randomness

This is the category I generally want to buy from and generally fail at. (Apparently what I think is hilarious is not universally so.) I HAVE had success with buying things like crazy socks to wear to work, this Whataburger insulated mug, or an old-school game console/games. A good place to start looking for these kinds of things is ThinkGeek and Uncommon Goods.

Gift Cards

They’re not impersonal. Especially if it’s from a store he really likes and prefers to pick things out for himself.

Throwing Money At The Problem

Let’s be honest, you could just get him yet ANOTHER gun, because apparently you can never have too many?


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