Father’s Day Gift Guide 2020

This year was the double-whammy we knew was coming. Every six years or so, my dad’s birthday and Father’s Day fall on the exact same day. Which means me and my two sisters REALLY had to step up my game. (And not to mention, not neglecting my wonderful hubby!)

If you haven’t gotten your act together yet this year, there’s STILL TIME. Here are some easy ideas. And just remember – when in doubt – blame the COVID shipping delays, and print a photo of whatever you bought and stick it in the card, lol.

(For the FULL list of ideas and links to where to purchase everything below, visit our Pinterest page – we made a board just for Father’s Day!)


These were some great ideas I certainly didn’t think of myself. Does your guy have everything? Gift him an experience instead. How about a Man Crate, a Scratch Off Movie Poster (accompanied by a movie night package!) or guys night to Wichita Falls Brewery! Or some dad-themed books for him to read with the kiddos?  Or a DIY kit – from bacon-making, beer-brewing, you name it, there’s a kit for it!


Sure, there are a million mugs and wallets and keychains and such out there, and this idea is older than TIME, but here are my top picks that make the idea feel fresh and modern: customizable socks, a watch with a personal note on the back, whiskey decanter set, or a personalized wallet!


Get the gourmet goodies he wouldn’t get for himself. My husband lived in Lockhart when he was little and has always loved Black’s Barbecue. It’s become so popular they will even ship you some, so it’s been on his gift list for just about every holiday and birthday. It’s THAT good. Then there are some great local places like Keeno’s Jerky,  Primitive Cuts jerky, and honestly what dad doesn’t just love meat and cheese boxes from Hickory Farms!

For my dad this year (he already received it so no spoilers here!) we got a grilling package delivered from Omaha Steaks, and purchased him a really nice kitchen knife along with a set of steak knives. He lives in the Houston area, but if he had been local I totally would have gone with Red Barn Butchers or Windthorst Sausage.


I’ve heard of many great (and manly) subscription boxes and some rave reviews of the $1 Shave Club. You can get as fancy or general with subscription boxes if you want. There is a huge variety out there from Beer of the Month or even Bacon of the Month boxes. Another oldie but goodie is a magazine subscription. Last year I got my hubby a subscription to This OId House Magazine, and Family Handyman because he LOVES home improvement projects. (And it was SUPER cheap – like $20 for the year.) This could have been easily paired with a Lowe’s, Home Depot, or Sutherland’s, or even Harbor Freight gift card.


To me, handmade is tough because while it’s very sweet to give at the time, you end up with so many of these things over the years. And what exactly are you supposed to do with them? Be heartless and throw them away? Or hold on to it forever and add even more kid clutter to your house? (I’m a real sentimentalist, huh?) So here are a few that I think are frame-worthy:

Fun Randomness

This is the category I generally want to buy from and generally fail at. (Apparently what I think is hilarious is not universally so.) I HAVE had success with buying things like crazy socks to wear to work, this Whataburger insulated mug, or an old-school game console/games. A good place to start looking for these kinds of things is ThinkGeek (they carry it on Amazon now!) and Uncommon Goods.


Gift Cards

They’re not impersonal. Especially if it’s from a store he really likes and prefers to pick things out for himself.

Throwing Money At The Problem

Let’s be honest, you could just get him yet ANOTHER gun or golf club or bicycle or (insert expensive hobby here) because apparently you can never have too many?


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