Family Night

board games and family night

Can you remember the last time your family had a night in together? A night that did not have a scheduled practice, meeting, volunteer hours, or even a grocery trip. Once a week we strive to have a night like that.  

So what does it take to make it happen? It takes tons of coordination and consistency. For instance, I can tell you what my household will be doing EVERY third Tuesday of the month. I attend an excellent meeting at Junior League, and the boys have a night to themselves. On BOYS NIGHT they eat out typically get pizza or Chick-fil-a. It is a remarkable thing our kiddo looks forward to every month.  

My husband and I talk about what is on our calendars A LOT! That is the only way we can get on the same page. So we purposefully make free time on Sunday, Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday. One of those days must have free unplanned time for us.  s'mores pizza and family night

For the Reese party of three, an uneventful night means family night!  The unplanned agenda usually looks something like an easy and quick dinner, a cartoon, conversations, and s’mores, maybe a board game, and a Nerf Blaster “war.” 

Family night acts as a reset button. It connects us to each other. I find that being “together” in a house isn’t anywhere near the same as “together time.” 

We get out games and toys. We talk and laugh often. We enjoy each other, and together we create memories.  

This time specifically we made s’mores pizza! One word-YUM! The leftovers were as good as regular cold pizza.  

Oaklee and I also played a few rounds of Chutes and Ladders. Many life lessons are learned during board game play. I feel like I learn more about my child’s limits and personality when we play board games. He hates to lose and often makes other rules. Oaklee is learning how to win and loose and follow the rules. Well, most of the rules.  

And the boys conducted a Nerf Blaster “war”! It got intense. Oaklee built a fort out of his teepee, living room furniture, and cardboard boxes. My husband, Tyler, took a different approach. He hid behind the couch, completed a ninja roll and “attacked.”  

A family is forever — and it’s essential to create a positive, loving environment through nights together doing things together. Playing a board game or making a special treat is a fun time for everyone! So, what will your family play? Old school Monopoly or some virtual playtime? Either way, have fun! 

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2 thoughts on “Family Night

    1. It is AWESOME!
      You will need flatbread, Nutella, Hershey chocolate sauce, marshmallows, and graham crackers.
      1. Turn oven on Broil Hi.
      2. Slather Nutella on the flatbread.
      3. Place Marshmallows on flatbread.
      4. Put in the oven.
      5. Take out once browned up and marshmallows melted.
      6. Drizzle honey and chocolate sauce.
      7. Take one graham crackers square crumble it up and sprinkle on top of your creation.
      8. ENJOY! 🙂