End Of School Year

I know this isn’t the end of year we had all planned.


When you have kids, back to school and end of school is usually our calendar year, am I right? It’s weird, all being in an uncertainty. Isn’t it? Will anything ever look the same?

My heart hurts for those of you that it was milestone years. Kinder mommas and Senior moms for sure! Although we only get so many of these, which to me makes them all special. I hope you have taken the time as a mom to cry, grieve, or whatever it is for you to move forward.

What are your normal end of year traditions? We take the pictures with the chalk boards. Last day of school I give them a basket full of summer toys, beach towel or something pertaining to whatever their plans are that summer. See I would’ve done that still, but the older girls were too anxious and I just gave it to them early. Blame COVID19, right?

I hope now we can all just look forward to still maybe not a normal summer, but a blessed one nonetheless. Celebrate their accomplishments, thank the school staff, and have hope for the future! What a history making year. WE MADE IT Y’ALL! 

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