It’s Elmo’s World and We’re All Just Living In It

Hey remember that time I swore off making myself crazy with Pinterest-worthy children’s birthday parties?

Well, that was before my 19-month son fell head over heels with Sesame Street, and in particular, Elmo. He dances and gets all excited and races towards the TV when you sing any of the Sesame Street songs. He brings you one of his Elmo toys when you ask “Where’s Elmo?” and the other day at Market Street he spotted Elmo on the box of some frozen french toast sticks and squealed so loud and excited people were starring. This was from like four feet away, through the glass door of the freezer case.

So I started looking some stuff up, and sure enough, there are SO MANY stinkin’ cute Sesame Street-themed birthday ideas.

A sampling:

Full Pinterest Board of Ideas Here

So of course, I’m back to battling myself on deciding just how out-of-proportion I’d like his birthday to get. Maybe just a custom shirt for him and an Elmo cake with family?

What did YOU do, or what do you plan to do, for birthday number two?

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