Eclipses & Mom Brain: Two Real, Natural Phenomenons

In case you needed any more proof that Mom Brain is SO VERY REAL:

As a person, it makes me laugh. As a professional event planner, it makes me a little insane. (Seriously, I think every event I’ve ever planned someone has asked a question on par with this one.) But as a mom, I feel for this woman.

The internet has been less than kind, but I feel like every mom out there should come to her defense and take it easy on her. We’ve all been there. We’ve all left our keys in the fridge, desperately searched for our phone to leave the house WHILE TALKING ON OUR PHONE to someone about it. (Or maybe that’s just me.)

She’s considerate of her kids, she cares, she’s trying to provide them with culture, let’s give her a standing O for just making it through the day like the rest of us. Haha.

(Read the full story here.)

In related news, I’m very excited that we will see almost a FULL ECLIPSE here in Wichita Falls next Monday. Check out this map and corresponding video of how observable the eclipse will be across Texas:

It’s incredibly rare to observe a true, full, solar eclipse, and there are lots of people out there that will travel the world to observe them,  so the fact that we are getting REALLY close to one here in town is pretty cool. Right now, NASA has a whole website dedicated to the 2017 eclipse where you can learn more fabulously nerdy, interesting facts about the phenomenon. Be sure to check it out.

Now, I haven’t heard of any eclipse-related events in Wichita Falls, but if you do PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

As backup, there’s still time to Amazon Prime yourself some eclipse glasses and watch from your backyard. 😉


Woohoo! There IS a local Eclipse Event happening!! Odd Duck Coffee will host a special MomDay Monday Solar Eclipse party! Check out the details here.

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