Dollar Tree Organization Hacks

I love organizing by nature, it’s my happy place! You wouldn’t know it looking at my house but I do live with 8 other people 😋

I don’t know about you but I have tried to figure out different ways to organize around my house & the ideas ended up not flowing well and\or just ended up not working for us. I do want to say that I think a lot of that had to do with having lots of little kiddos at one time but now that they are all getting older, I can explain how (and they understand better) how the systems should flow. Price was always a big factor too. I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on an organizing system that wouldn’t work or fit or {fill in any reason}.

I have a solution for you! Dollar Tree! I am not even kidding you. DO NOT skip this store just because it’s cheap! Most of what I have bought has been a heavy sturdy plastic and has held up. It’s cheap, it works, and if something happens to break and\or doesn’t work, I didn’t spend an arm & a leg.

I do not like all the boxes & bags that food comes in so these solutions have been working so well. I also wanted to mention that our family has been using this new system for a few weeks & haven’t come across any problems or items breaking or items losing their sturdiness.

Here are some of the areas that I have been working on in my house with many more in the works!

Sidenote: Youtube is full of great ideas for storage & organization from Dollar Tree.

*Idea for the kitchen drawer came from here.*


This is right above our kitchen sink. This works so well & allows the sponges to dry out! Perfect height even for my littles!

Inside our walk-in pantry. I already had the shower rod & just added the baskets.

All those brown bins hold lose snacks & allows me to keep my gluten free food separate & my kiddos know that’s Mommy’s food. It holds about 3 bags of granola.

These containers have worked so well! I have only seen these 2 sizes available. The larger one holds 6 bags of chocolate chips.

All of our silverware used to live in here but that’s changed! The drawer is now just for sharper items and all our measuring cups/spoons.

This is where our silverware now lives. The 3 white pales came in a pack of 3 & I found this bright colored basket to hold it all together! Plus those smaller bowls we use for dipping sauces. Pack of 6 for $1!!

We only use loofas & they used to be shoved between that rail & the shower wall. Now they can hang dry & stay in place. All I used was a shower curtain rings. The entire pack was $1.

We don’t have a huge shower & this helps maximize our space. The items can air dry without holding onto mold/mildew.

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