Do Cheap Hobbies Exist?

There are so, very, many articles and posts encouraging self care, especially for moms. But here’s the rub – we moms are generally on a budget too, and finding both time AND money for those treat yo self moments can seem impossible.

Honestly, the word “hobby” seems like it was erased from my vocabulary the moment I gave birth. (Free time? Personal development? What are these concepts?)

The good news is, if you’re willing to set aside some time for self care, you can find dozens of hobbies that will help you relax and expand your horizons without costing much – and many won’t cost anything at all!

Here are 10 fantastic, inexpensive hobbies to get you started:

My Houston garden yield (top) vs. my Wichita Falls sad garden attempt. Lol. Thought I had a green thumb, but really it was just the average rainfall in Houston.

1.) Hiking

All you need is a pair of sturdy and comfortable shoes. After that one-time purchase, this hobby can be completely free! Get ready to clear your mind, feel the sunshine on your skin and get into shape at the same time.

2.) Cooking

With thousands of free tutorials and recipes available online, why not to tie on that kitchen apron and get to work? Cooking is always fun, and best of all, it has a delicious payoff! (And it’s a lot cheaper than going out to eat!)

3.) Volunteer

Use your own interests to bring joy to others. Even if you’re not doing something you specifically enjoy, giving back to the community is a wonderful way to spend your spare time.

And, yes, it can suck up your spare time really quickly if you’re not careful. I know from experience. Just read this. 😉

4.) Learn something new

Are you a science geek? Pick a specific topic and read up on it until you become a genuine expert. Love history? You’ll find loads of documentaries on virtually any time period online or at your local public library. You can also learn a new language, skill, or read up on the latest psychological studies.

5.) Gardening

All it takes to jump start this hobby is an inexpensive packet of seeds, basic gardening tools, fertilizer and soil. You can read up on gardening, watch tutorials on YouTube or ask a knowledgeable friend for tips.

6.) Reading

There’s no better downtime than flipping through the pages of a thick, engaging novel – and it doesn’t have to cost a penny! Hit the local library for recent releases or borrow books fromfriends.

7.) Camping

Camping is a fantastic way to try something new without spending a lot. You’ll need to purchase basic equipment, but that one-time expense should be about $100 or less. After that, it’s just paying to use campsites.

8.) Yoga

You don’t need to join a class to master Yoga positions; you can watch clear, informative tutorials on YouTube. After springing for a mat, this hobby won’t cost you anything at all.

9.) Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking is a great way to use your creativity and capture special occasions. Supplies are fairly cheap and you can get started with material scraps and ribbons you have lying around the house. (PERSONAL NOTE: This can get REAL expensive if you’re not careful. But shop Hobby Lobby’s sales, and save scraps from gift wrap, misc. school project supplies, etc, to cut down on costs.)

10.) Writing

Creative writing is a wonderful, cost-free outlet. You can write poetry, any genre of prose, or try your hand at writing a children’s book. Look for free writing clubs in your neighborhood or online forums you can join to gain inspiration and valuable feedback.

Your Turn: What are your favorite, easy-on-the-wallet hobbies? Share them with us in the comments!

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