DIY Costumes: Halloween for the Frugal Mom

Even if you don’t love Halloween in general, it’s hard not to get behind free candy and fun costumes. We don’t do the “scary” stuff, but we are HUGE fans of themed family costumes. When there’s five of you (and your children *cough*husband*cough* require that every part of each costume fits the original comic book/movie/etc), it can get pretty expensive. I don’t know about you, but we don’t have 30-100 extra dollars per person just lying around for costumes. So, of course, Pinterest to the rescue! Make it yourself. You don’t even really have to be creative, you just have to be able to follow instructions well.

Side note: How on earth did we survive things like this before Pinterest? I am still sad that I got married before Pinterest was a thing. One day we will have a vow renewal, and it will be magnificent. We have to, I’ve spent DAYS planning *cough*pinning*cough. I seem to be coming down with a cold. Weird.

Anyway, homemade costumes. I know what you’re thinking. You aren’t crafty, you can’t sew, you’ll spend just as much on the materials as you will on a costume from WalMart/Target/wherever. I promise that doesn’t have to be the case! Second only to buying costumes a week after Halloween when they’re 90% off to top off our Superhero/All things boy costume bin, making costumes is my favorite part of Halloween!

Below I’ve listed links to some fun and EASY costumes for everyone in your family!

Kid’s Costumes

20 of the Best and Easiest Halloween Costumes for Kids
15 Easy and Cheap Kid’s Costumes
TONS of costumes!
30 Awesome Halloween Costumes for Kids

Adult Costumes

100 DIY Halloween Costumes for Adults
Last Minute Costumes
Costumes for Moms
Costumes for Dads

Peek through these hundred costumes and find something adorable AND affordable for your family!

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