December Book Suggestions

One thing that I love to do in December is read. Hot cocoa, quiet area, and ahhhhh….dive in! Well, that is the fantasy at least. In the hustle and bustle of the holidays, I am lucky if I can find quiet. I usually buy my favorites on sites such as or to find great deals. I am no stranger to book fairs, garage sales, old antique shops ( Alley Cat Vintage, really good), and our library; they are always great resources for books.

These are my favorites.

” The Autobiography of Santa Claus” and ” Mrs. Claus saved Christmas” by Jeff Guinn, doesn’t disappoint. It is a mixture of history and how the character creates history.  I tell you what I never wanted to put the books down. The autobiography tells you about St. Nicholas’s early life and how Christmas was established. He meets some friends that feel the same way. Mrs. Claus enters the second book. She helps St. Nicholas to become a household name.  The beauty of giving and the tales that authors eaves into the book, is really a treasure. Oh yea, the recipes are delish.  Jeff Guinn is a Texas writer, there are other titles that I love by him.

Another one is “3001 Things We Love About Christmas”

This book by Pat Matuszak is a lifesaver. I know that I have had burnout during the years. This year was no exception. This book reminded me of what Christmas is really about.  There are places to write your memories, recipes ( yum), scriptures, stories, and just feel-good memories. For example, on one page, it teaches you how to say ” Merry Christmas” in different languages. It is very multicultural. If you need a boost for this holiday, try this book.
 I hope you like these suggestions. I love a good book. I am praying for happiness, wellness, love, peace, and protection as we go into the last remaining days of 2020.
 My next reads ( yes, I read cookbooks). 

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