Dear Public School Mom

Most of you reading this are new to homeschooling and have been thrown into faster than you can catch your breath & I don’t blame you for feeling overwhelmed, unqualified, and unprepared. I felt that way when I heard God call me to homeschool my kiddos & I had the time to sit down and research what curriculum we were going to use and how I thought our days should look. There has been a lot of change in a very short amount of time and now you have the responsibility of making sure your kiddos are learning & completing the work their teachers have sent to you.

  • First and foremost, let’s take a deep breath!
  • Second, take some time to gather your thoughts. Give yourself some grace, but not too much because then we run away with that.
  • Third, download any apps that you may need to stay in touch with your child’s teacher & any apps that they will need to complete their school work.
  • Fourth, take out a blank notebook and write out what assignments your kiddo(s) need to complete in a day. If their work isn’t divided up like that, take time to break it down. There is no need to rush.
  • Fifth, take another deep breath. You may not feel qualified to teach what is being given to your kiddos but you know what? That’s ok! We’ve been told our whole lives that we are our kiddos first teacher…you are still a teacher to them. You can do this!

Make a schedule, if this is what will work for you and don’t worry if it doesn’t. Be prepared that you will have trials and errors along the way. It’s ok to change things up. It’s ok if your first plan didn’t work. And it’s ok to not do any school work when you are feeling overwhelmed.

Remember, learning isn’t always sitting behind a desk or table with your nose stuck in a book. Learning is exploring, cooking\baking, finding new things out in nature, building, deconstructing…learning is something that happens every day. Take breaks when needed and carve fun days in your week too! Science is such a fun subject for kids!

I know this isn’t a situation that you asked for or even wanted but you know what, this won’t last forever and find the silver lining. There is one every day, you just have to be open to finding it.
This won’t look Pinterest perfect and that’s the beauty of it! Life is messy but also, so full of beautiful moments. Enjoy this time with your kiddos. When will you ever have this much time to hang out and get to know them?!

A homeschooling Mom

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