Current Life Lesson — Flexibility

My family is now bigger. In July we were blessed with an 8lbs 06 oz beauty with a head full of hair.

Babies come in their own time.

AJ was two weeks early, and truthfully I was a little thrown off that she didn’t arrive closer to her due date. I’m a planner that loves to line details out. However, I was excited to meet our newest addition to the family, and of course, end the third trimester of my pregnancy. Goodbye, swollen ankles!

Perhaps her early arrival indicates that she will also be a type-a planner. 🤷‍♀️

Having two children is very different than one.

Well for the past six years our family unit has revolved around our oldest Oaklee. I never realized how many orchestrated routines he had until we brought the baby home. Nighttime has been the most challenging, but it is my fault. Our sweet boy is accustomed to getting his back rubbed amongst other things every night. I started the night rituals when he was a baby and never stopped. Oaklee’s most treasured part of the routine is the back rub. Well, I have not figured out how to effectively nurse a newborn and rub his back. So he has learned that a quick hug and goodnight will have to do some nights.

My take away from this night experience is to put the baby immediately in the crib once she falls asleep, especially at night. 85% of the time this is effective, and I think it will only get better.

Lastly, nursing on-demand well it demands flexibility. I am positive this is just the beginning of the flexibility ’lesson’ now that I am embracing it, I feel like a better me, wife, and mom.

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