Crafts on a Friday: DIY Quote Art

When I started my job, my office came with some artwork already on the walls, but I’ve been wanting to do something that felt more like me for a while. The only problem? I needed something at least 2 feet x 2 feet or larger, and everything large enough to make a difference on the blank walls cost WAY more than I wanted to pay.

My Solution:

  • An old 22 x 28 inch picture frame that was getting tossed out (you could easily find something similar at Goodwill) + one can of matte finish navy spray paint that made it new again
  • One yard of woodgrain pattern fabric, 40% off at Hobby Lobby with coupon
  • Three packets of “thickers” (the irritating, lispy-sounding name to describe thick letter stickers) – also 40% off right now at Hobby Lobby
  • My favorite Bible verse. Always free. 😉

Total Cost: Maybe $25? Probably less. And I am so proud of how it turned out!

My Tips:

  • To spray paint a frame, you can tape off the glass carefully, or you can do it the easy way and just remove everything entirely and spray on the grass like I did. I chose matte finish spray paint instead of gloss because it felt more modern to me. But anything works. Actually, chalkboard paint would be pretty cool too!
  • Measure twice, cut once. Hold your “thicker” sticker pack up to the glass to see how many letters you can fit on one row, and how many rows will fit on the whole frame. THEN CHOOSE YOUR QUOTE. (Very important to do it in that order, haha.) The nice thing about sticking the letters directly to the glass is that you can use a dry erase marker to measure and space out your rows, then draw guidelines to make sure you are applying the stickers in a straight line.
  • Seriously, it was that easy. And totally customizable to create any look that matches your decor. Hope you enjoy, and if you try it out, you gotta share the results with me!!!

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