A Cow Walks into a Restaurant…


It has long since been established that I absolutely love anything with a theme. When you couple my love for themed things with my unbridled passion for Chick fil A, I almost couldn’t be happier. Until of course that Chick fil A happens to be FREE, in which case I feel like I’ve won the lottery of life. And chicken sandwiches, because theirs are the best.

Our family LOVES Chick fil A , and not just for their delicious food. Their customer service is a step above ANY other restaurant I’ve frequented, their love and passion for the communities they serve is heart warming, and their events are creative and fun! Each year they throw a “Cow Appreciation Day”: Come in dressed like a cow, and get free food! How fun is that?! This year, on July 12, they offered free kids meals and a free entree of your choice to every moo-ing patron. They even provided links to printable cow costumes on their website, although they encourage you to use your creativity and make something original!


We joined some friends and headed out for lunch at our local Wichita Falls location. We saw some very unique and creative costumes, and even the employees were dressed up! Our kiddos had “cow masks” (because when you have six kids and you’re nine months pregnant, you “can’t even” at the thought of making whole costumes). Never one to disappoint, the food was delicious as always, the atmosphere was fun, and we left with our budget in tact! A big thank you to Chick fil A of Wichita Falls for another fun filled, family friendly event for our community!

Did you attend Cow Appreciation Day? Comment below pictures of your own!



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