COVID Made Me Buy It

I have Covid Online Shopping Disorder.

Like the meme says, “The UPS guy didn’t have an Amazon package to drop off for me today, so he knocked on the door to make sure we were okay.”  The highlight is that my gain is your gain too with my top 10 Covid Amazon purchases that you are sure to love!

This fun silverware compartment is my new favorite thing!  Each little slot has an embossed image of a spoon, fork, knife and I just took my sharpie and colored them in so they were easier to see.  I bought 3 of these…  Did you just roll your eyes at me?  LOL
I picked up mine for $6 each on sale!

Amazon: Modern Silverware Compartment Link

Price: $9.99


This is the greatest invention for moms with cereal eating kids!  The image shows you can stash your sponges and stuff in this, but I use it to pour out the many bowls of cereal that are left half eaten.  I have a garbage disposal, but you don’t want ALL those Lucky Charms down in there!  So with this little guy, I just pour the bowls through the strainer, milk goes down drain, and I empty the rest into the trash. 2 for $9.99 means you can share with another mom friend.

Amazon: Sink Buddy Link

Price: 2 for $9.99



I got the sweetest little kitty for mother’s day this year.  She was a rescue, 2 weeks old, found out by my husband’s work barn.  We have named her Boudie, after the warrior princess Boudica and because she is a Manx and has no tail.  I got her these fashionable cat bowls that even make me happy.  We use one for hard food, one for water, and the other for soft food.  It’s nice to just pick up one for a specific need instead of trying to balance a multi bowl unit.  These were $17.90 and worth every penny!

Amazon: Kitty Bowls Link

Price: $17.90


I bought a “new” dining table off the trading post so naturally I needed to replace my dining chairs and found this cool modern set for around $100.  Our old dining chairs were 1960s molded pedestal chairs that I absolutely loved, but they were starting to age poorly (60 years takes its toll) and I wanted something with a cushion on it.  These are easy to clean, cheap to replace, and surprisingly comfortable.

Amazon: Cool Modern Dining Chairs Set Link

Price: $114.99 with shipping



My youngest’s favorite character right now is Spider Man.  He is also a pajama aficionado.  He really wanted a set of Spider Man PJ’s and I was reluctant to order any because it’s 100 degrees outside and ordering clothes online is always such a shot in the dark for me, but these are PERFECT!  The thin material works good for summer and it washes well too.  Best part, Benny can be dress up every night… or stay dressed up all day long… because – covid.

Amazon: Spider Man PJs Link

Price: $21.99




Aren’t these fun?  I bought these for our bedroom as night stands with great storage.  My husband and I actually had fun putting these together, which is saying something because sometimes these kind of projects can be really trying.  It helped that he knew what he was doing so I just handed him the next part and read the instructions.  These are very low profile so be warned!  The cabinet has a middle shelf and I found baskets in the closet that worked perfectly.

Amazon: Night Stand Link

Price: $119.00




This little purchase was just for me.  I love the simplicity of it and I needed a little encouragement.  This pretty necklace was cheap, but worth it because I smile every time I put it on.  There are a lot of designs to choose from. Pick yourself out something simple or send one to a friend.  It’s nice to love on yourself and others!

Amazon:  Simple Necklace Link

Price:  $11.98





I own 14 pairs of glasses.  Fourteen.

But I only own like 4 pairs of shoes so it evens out, right?  You know, you should do what makes you happy and for me that’s glasses.  I had 2 of these already but my May glasses and June glasses set me over the available slot limit so I had to snag another!
I love these because they are stackable, multi-functional, and minimalistic.

Amazon:  Clear Storage Link

Price: $16.31



My oldest son has the hair of a Greek God.  I’m not joking.  He could be a hair model accept that he’s 14 and hasn’t figured it out yet.  *Sheesh*  So I snagged this flatiron to help tame his mane and now everyone uses it.  My husband has a summer goatee/winter beard and it works great on him and I even use it when I’m in a hurry to straighten out bits.  Great price and worth the purchase.  I got this for $11 so watch for sales!

Amazon:  Man Straightener Link

Price: $18.96





This little vacuum has been a game changer for me.  You can adjust it from 16 inches to 30 inches (as seen in the picture) and it’s just the right size for my 4 year old to use!  I get cleaned floors and he gets play time.  This is my top 2020 purchase.  I bought one for my mother-in-law just a week after having mine.  It’s cheap so don’t expect Dyson quality suction here, but it does the job! They do go on sale so watch for the price to lower.  I got mine for $42.

Amazon: Best Dang Purchase Ever Link

Price: $48.99

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One thought on “COVID Made Me Buy It

  1. LOVE the nightstand and chairs. I’m all about those MCM vibes. And I think I’m going to have to buy that sink buddy.