Easy DIY: Concrete Pumpkin Planters

A couple of weeks ago, I got inspired by this video to make some concrete pumpkin planters for our front porch. They were surprisingly easy!

Supply List: 4 Small Pumpkins

Supply List: 1 Large Pumpkin

  • 100 pounds of Quickrete
  • An extra-large pumpkin pail from Target – it looked just like this one, but was $5 (forgot to take a picture!)
  • For the inside bucket, we sank this pail into the concrete – it was a perfect size!
  • More river rocks or something heavy to weigh the inside bucket down
  • Optional: 1/2 container of Quickrete liquid cement color in Terra Cotta


  1. Mix your concrete until you get the right consistency
  2. Optional: Add liquid cement color to stain the concrete
  3. Pour into the plastic pumpkin (we didn’t spray with cooking spray like the video did)
  4. Sink a smaller container inside and weigh it down
  5. Let dry for at LEAST 24 hours (we had to wait longer on the smaller ones because we added too much water to the mix)
  6. Use a box-cutting knife to cut the plastic pumpkin and peel it off the concrete (Note: Make sure your blade is fresh and sharp, and wear gloves!)
  7. Remove the inner plastic container as well
  8. Optional: Sand the top edge for a smoother finish

That’s it!

Super easy, a little bit messy, but then all I did was measure the openings, buy plants that fit, and buy a cheap bag of decorative dried moss to cover the tops of the plastic containers the plants came in.

And Teddy had fun “helping” along the way – spraying the water hose on the concrete, helping shovel it into the pumpkins, and collecting rocks to fill the inside buckets with.

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