Christmas Card Outtakes

My top three favorite Christmastime traditions of all time are:

  1. Making my grandma’s sugar cookies and decorating them
  2. Watching National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation with my family
  3. Sending and receiving Christmas cards

I’m not sure anything brings me more joy than getting Christmas cards in the mail. It’s why I (almost) always send them out, and send them out EARLY so everyone has my address.

This year as I wrangled the family all together for a photo session (at home, with my dad as cameraman), I started to think about how fun and funny it would be if everyone sent cards with their Christmas card photo outtakes, instead of the final polished family photos.

Here are a few of mine that crack me up and make my heart happy. I’d LOVEEE to see yours, so be sure to drop them in the Facebook comments when I post this there. 😉

This year:

2019 (we didn’t make cards that year – instead we packed our entire house and moved, lol.)

2018: Another year I misguidedly attempted to wrangle our dogs.

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