Childhood Dream Job

super hero

As a kid, I was often asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I imagined up many occupations and daydreamed of being a public servant.  

What career did you dream of having? If the romantics of being a dragon tamer or a superhero excited you at one point, you realized that those jobs do not exist. However, there are many jobs that kids often dream of having that are real possibilities. Kids typically want specific a career because of the adults in their lives and the romantics from the media they see and hear.   

I recently asked my little one, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” 

Oaklee quickly replied-“I will be a YouTube guy.”  

On occasion, he is allowed to watch YouTube with heavy adult supervision. Right now we have devices locked down with biometric logins. It is not my favorite app for a child…  

At first, his choice made me uncomfortable.  However, he has a dream job! And it is a “real” job. I have even found vlogs on my phone of him dabbling in it. He has an intro and enjoys talking about adventures with his imaginary friend Larry the Lion. YouTube is not be the right platform for him right now. However, he seems pretty content just making videos on my phone. Maybe one day he will be famous. One thing is for sure I will always be his biggest fan! 

I wonder what his dream job will be next year! What does your child want to be when he/she is an adult? 

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