Childcare – It Takes A Village

At one point or another, every parent searches for credible, safe childcare for their precious little one(s). I find this task to be daunting, time-consuming, and eye-opening. It is like an interview for the person or center that will do more than keep your child alive.

I start the process by asking friends and family to recommend someone or somewhere that they had a great experience with. I then follow up those recommendations with looking at online reviews and check out their webpage and social media pages.

I feel like the next part is one of the most import steps. Ensure the childcare provider has a state license to operate. From this point, you can check how long the provider has held a license as well as view any deficiencies found during audits by the state.

Ultimate I like to tour the facility. A tour helps to fill in any gaps that all of the other research may not have fulfilled like is the staff or provider loving and create a secure environment.

What was your experience in finding childcare?

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