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Ever judge other moms who seem to be excessively posting photos of their kids on Instagram and even worse, hashtagging their kids’ names ad nauseam?

Guilty as charged.

Well, it turns out they were actually WAY smarter than me (go figure) and may have simply been a Chatbooks subscriber.

Have you heard of Chatbooks?

The way it works is so. Stinkin. Simple. You create an account, set up a Series, add your Instagram (or Facebook) to it, and whenever you post a photo, it imports it into an album. When you reach 60 photos, it automatically prints and send you a photo book (softcover) for $8. (Hardcovers are $13.) It’s even free shipping for the slower shipping option. And if you don’t want ALL of your Instagram photos included, you set up a hashtag, and it only pulls in the ones you tag with that specific hashtag.

That’s it. Seriously.

Of course you can go in and edit. Add and delete which photos you’d like and switch up the covers. Add captions, whatever. It’s fully customizable, but what I like about it is that you don’t HAVE to do all that to have hard copies of your memories, which we never seem to have anymore, mostly because it feels like too much trouble.

For a bonus, you can add additional contributors so if your significant other has an Instagram, they can hashtag and add in photos to the albums too. AND you can always order more copies. Which means the grandparents’ birthdays/Christmas/whatever are pretty much taken care of.


I’m curious: Have any of you tried Chatbooks? Or something similar you love?! Share your Mom Lifehacks in the comments! I’d love to know what other great ideas I’m missing out on!


Note: I was not paid by or prompted by Chatbooks to write this post. I just found out about it from a friend, and wanted to share how cool it was! Also, I didn’t figure this out until after my first book had already shipped, but you can change the name of the series and hence, the name that appears on the spine of the book. So “My Instagram” is now “Life With Teddy.”

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