We Love Valentine’s Day!

Who is ready for Valentine’s Day?   I know my family is! When February comes around, our house becomes a maze of hearts, flowers, and everything LOVE! My wife and my 2 daughters have made it a tradition to decorate and put out as much valentine’s décor in the living room as possible…I think they…

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Dating Tips From My Seven-Year-Old

Do you ever wonder about the future of your little ones? I always wonder what it’s going to be like as a dad when the boys start coming around. Today some of my worries were put to rest when talking to my girls. So here’s a few simple dating tips from my seven-year-old: 1. If…

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Girl Dad

Being a father of two girls is a very exciting adventure! I get to go to tea parties where I am honored to sit amongst great company. Although they do not talk back, Ruffles the pink Bunny and Buddy the stuffed dog always manages to make us laugh until the tea comes out our noses.…

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