Carol’s Thoughts: Cry It Out at Backdoor Theatre

I had the best time with Lauren! It was one of the very few times I left home and felt I deserved to have a good time (while my little Emma remained wide awake waiting for me hahaha).

It is so true that you become someone absolutely different when your child is born. I can barely remember myself before motherhood. This play resonated with me deeply… the hormones shooting through the roof, the lack of sleep, the loneliness, the tears for all and nothing, the need to be reassured by someone who you just met!

How little we know about ourselves and how overwhelming this new heart chamber that just opened with an unknown love and power can be – I won’t even get into talking about how much I understand and respect my own mom now! (Perhaps a blog for another time!)

I laughed and cried and left the theatre so emotional… I saw myself several times in several different moments and it can be shocking to see yourself through someone else’s eyes! This play is so necessary to all of us! I super recommend to all, Wichita Falls has amazing acting talent that must be seen, supported and recognized!

Ticket Info here, and Lauren’s review here.

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