Carol’s Spring Cleaning List

Yes, I am excited about cleaning and decluttering!

Below I have listed some activities that may help you start this task. Set your favorite playlist and let’s get this party started!

  1. Your closet: Get rid of whatever clothing you did not wear this winter. Seriously.
  2. Sock and underwear drawer: Sort them.  Anything unmatched, with holes or older than you want to admit, clear it out.
  3. Shoes: You don’t need that many. Yes I’m talking to you (and me). Pick your basics, essentials and give yourself a pair (or two) of trendy, in season soles.
  4. Jewelry: I promise you own way more than you ever wear. Throw away broken pieces, gift or donate the rest that doesn’t get used.
  5. Toys: Sort through toys and get rid of extra pieces, or the toys that are missing pieces. Bonus if you have the will power and desire only save the ones that stimulate interaction, imagination and/or learning.
  6. Makeup drawer: Throw away anything old. It’s not good for you anyway!
  7. Linen closet: Same thing. You have old bottles of everything bathroom related? Get rid of them.
  8. Décor sitting in your garage: Sort it down to one bin. Instead of stashing things away, be resourceful when decorating your home or mantle seasonally.
  9. Clean out your garage: You would be amazed at how much trash just gets stored away after the winter months.
  10. Media: Have stacks of DVDs and CDs laying around? Digitalize and donate them.
  11. Mail: Sort and throw away junk mail, file papers appropriately, and create an organization system to your papers.
  12. Kitchen appliances: Review your kitchen gadgets and really eliminate the pieces you don’t use. Maybe you don’t need as many pots and pans. Maybe you have three crockpots. Maybe you have a food processor that you’ve never even taken out of the box.
  13. Clean out the utensil drawer: All of those odds and ends forks and spoons that you’ve acquired over time do not need to stay.
  14. Cleaning supplies: Do you have an endless supply of rags and bottles of solutions (toxic or non-toxic?) that are practically empty? No need. Condense what is still good and eliminate the bottles. Only buy what you need – or better yet, get some environmentally friendly cleaning supplies to save on restock and space, too.
  15. Medicine cabinet: Dispose of all old medicines appropriately. Expired or old prescriptions + medications should not be taking up space in your house.
  16. Pantry: What old food do you have taking up space or stale leftovers in a Ziplock bag that you just didn’t want to waste? Do you have canned or non-perishable items you could drop off at the food pantry?
  17. Freezer: Clean it out, or at least prioritize using your frozen leftovers before they go bad. Items with freezer burn or those you have let sit far too long should be disposed of.
  18. The art cabinet: Dispose of hardened Play Doh, crunchy paints, crumpled paper and markers with no caps.
  19. Towels: All of them – kitchen, bathroom, hand towels, wash cloths. Use the same principles as your sock and underwear drawer. Yes, you can save a few for rags.
  20. Your children’s clothes: This is a big one. I understand some of us are saving items for hand me downs, but the rest should still be sorted through. Are there items that are stained or ripped or unsalvageable for other reasons? Items that are too worn for your liking, but could still be donated? Mismatched socks that can be tossed? Go through their closets and drawers with the intention of sorting for the shift in season.

If you want to have fun, meet Cassandra! I love her!

See you next time!

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