Being Kind During The Holidays

 I love December. I love kindness, thoughtfulness, and empathy. I feel that we need this more than ever.  This year has been awfully hard. Some lost jobs, some lost loved ones, some lost hope, and some lost their comforts of daily life. It has been a constant year of change.


I am praying as we try to move forward that we end the year and begin the year with those actions.  Don’t get me wrong, I have seen some beautiful stories throughout this year, I just want more of it. I have found some ways that we can continue to help each other continue into the next couple of weeks.
  1. My tried-and-true way- leaving little unexpected notes in public places. I remember when I went to check out a library book. I was having a bad day and I just needed to refocus. I picked out a book and checked it out. It was a few days before I opened the book. As I neared the third chapter, there was a note it said” Everything will be alright, believe.” I started to cry a bit. I needed that at that time. I will admit, I do leave notes in books, in stores, and in parks. I feel it may motivate others who may need it.
  2. I give lotto tickets to strangers.  When I stop at the convenience stores, I pick up a few. I hand them out to just about everybody. I love to see the smile on their face. I also, give gift cards. You will be amazed, much a five-dollar give card could be just what someone needs.
  3. Have you heard Be My Eyes? This organization pairs you with a visually impaired person that may need help with daily activities. You can do this from the comfort of your home, and some take just a few minutes to help. Check them out or see a preview on YouTube
  4. I love to sock someone during the holidays. No, not punch their lights out.  Just go to the dollar store fill up a part of socks with goodies. Let a note that they have been “socked.”
  5. The tried-and-true ways are always welcomed. Opening doors for people, putting a shopping cart back for elders, dropping meals off to others, or simply saying ” Thank you.”
My point is just ” Be kind”.  Don’t take many things personally. Some are fighting battles that are unknown. 

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