Bathroom Clean Up Tips & Tricks with Teenagers & Toddlers

Teenagers… Toddlers… no one can hit the bowl.  Why is that?  One is sitting on it and the other is fairly close to it.  I mean, the oldest is 5’4” not 10 feet tall so the pure mechanics of it should be much easier, right?


So the boy’s bathroom, also doubling as the guest bathroom, was generally questionable until I started implementing some new clean up ideas.  Here’s how I have chosen to conquer the cleaning of the nastiest bathroom around, the Boy’s Bathroom.

First I looked to Pinterest to solve all my cleaning needs because if it wasn’t for Pinterest everybody’s life and house would be filthy, arts-and-craft-less, and no one would ever eat an interesting meal ever again.

Pinterest gave me lots of ideas on tools, methods, and even cleaning schedules, but I had to make it work for me.  So I went on down to our local Dollar General and bought a square storage container, a bottle of Dawn Platinum Dish Soap, one of those dishes cleaning tools where you put soap in the end and it has a spongy scrubber pad on the other, an empty squirt bottle, toilet bowl cleaner, and off brand Windex.  I already had bleach at home so I didn’t buy any of that and I also had brooms and a mop.

I put all these cleaning supplies in the container to make sure they would fit easily.  This is my bathroom arsenal.  It also doubles as the easiest way to get my oldest child to clean without a lot of questions like, “What do I do now?” and “Do I have to clean that?”

Here is a picture of my weapons chamber.  There’s a washcloth thrown in the mix too, but it gets tossed to the laundry after each use.  Notice the “To Do List” taped to the front.  This also helps immensely with the constant questions.

The best thing I have found to clean just about everything is the squirt bottle with half bleach and half water with a small squirt of dawn.  It’s amazing!  I have bought premade cleaners before, but really this is all I need.  I do however, like a toilet bowl cleaner and the tabs you throw in the tank.

The basics of bathroom cleaning really don’t need to be explained, but the most recent trick I use with the toddler is awesome and involves the spongy handle thingy.


I let Ben clean the tub before he gets in to bathe.  I help, of course, but he gets the gist of what needs to be cleaned and before I run his bath the bathtub is sparkling clean!  It really only takes a few minutes and keeps the tub looking fantastic! He also enjoys cleaning the tile and so that gets a nice touch up job, at least the bottom 18 inches do.

Sundays are bathroom cleaning days.  All the oldest has to do is go in there, take out his bucket of tools, read the list, and get to work.  I also keep one of this scrubby thingies in the shower in our master bathroom and a bottle of half bleach/half water.  Someone usually takes the time to clean the tile in the shower during bath time and it’s usually the oldest so that he can explain why he’s been in there for an hour.

**Side note**
My teenager is actually twelve, but for the sake of alliteration, I made an adjustment to the truth.

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