Ache No More: My Prenatal Chiropractic Experience

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The words joy, aches, blessings, and occasional pains all come to my mind- in regards to my pregnancy. If you’ve ever been pregnant, you are already familiar with the symptoms such as nausea, back pain, and fatigue that are all common health concerns among pregnant women.

During pregnancy, the female body goes through many physical and physiological changes, to create the healthiest possible environment for a growing baby. Last month I started to experience horrible pain and tightness in my hips, and that’s normal to some extent. So I reached out to my OBGYN and a few friends. I tried a few exercises and made an appointment with a certified Webster Technique Chiropractor, Dr. Cari Guidry, DC.

Honestly, after a few adjustments, I felt way better.

I realize chiropractic care is not for everyone, and it’s a personal decision, but since I have had a good experience, I wanted to share my top reasons for continuing chiropractic care:

1. It is holistic.

In general, I do not prefer to take pain medication unless it’s the only option. Before chiropractic care I was taking the maximum dose Tylenol accompanied with Icy Hot.

2. It encourages optimal fetal positioning which reduces the need for medical intervention.

Dr. Guidry told me the main reason most moms to seek out chiropractic care is to help the “pelvic outlet have the most amount of room and ultimately help create an environment that allows for quick and safe delivery.”

3. I can function like normal waddling human being again.

My hope in sharing this personal experience is that even more moms in the area who may be experiencing overly nagging aches and pains can find relief too.

For even more information about this topic, please reach out to your OBGYN and follow one of the links:

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