About the Authors

Lauren McKechnie

I am a big city girl gone rural.

In 2012 I moved 400 miles away from everyone I knew in Houston to Wichita Falls, all for my husband’s dream job.

After six years, I’ve embraced the “Grow Where You’re Planted” mentality, and it’s made me a stronger, more grounded person who has come to love this new life with less traffic and more of a focus on the things really matter.

Together, my husband and I parent two feisty dachshunds and one even feistier baby human.

I am a marketing and PR professional (serving as Marketing Director at Texoma Community Credit Union), and a terrible yet motivated DIY-er in that spare time I so rarely have now that a two year old has taken over my life.

I have blogged since I was sixteen years old, and absolutely love writing. I hope you enjoy reading my posts as much as I enjoy writing them!

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Shelby Reese

I am 23-year-old from Holliday, and I’ve planted my roots in Wichita Falls with my husband, Tyler, and our son Oaklee. Tyler is a diesel mechanic that travels to majestic places like West Texas, and Oaklee is a free-spirited kindergartner.
In my free time, I enjoy the outdoors with my husband at the deer lease, volunteering through Junior League of Wichita Falls, and watching my little guy explore the game of golf and the art of playing the violin.
I am a fundraising professional at United Regional Foundation serving as Children’s Miracle Network Specialists. My cup is overflowing with opportunity and love for the pediatric patients helped at United Regional. I am excited to expand awareness about Children’s Miracle Network at United Regional.

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Lauren Bush

I am 37 years old and live in Seymour, TX with my husband Joe and our two sons, Josiah and Benjamin.  My favorite color is orange and my favorite activity is hoeing weeds and forgetting to buy eggs at the grocery store.  I work for the City of Seymour as the Economic Development Director as well as serve on several community boards.  Most mornings you can catch me in the office listening to Missy Elliot.

My children are 10 years and 1 day a part, and I tells people often that this happened because “God has a sense of humor, and thankfully, a plan.”  One is a toddler and the other is a teenager.  Right now, life is completely insane. Being a full-time working/volunteering mom is hard and I feel fortunate for this opportunity to share my story, my struggles, and my triumphs with moms in the area.

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Janel Romero

I was born and raised on a small farm in southern Colorado. I moved to Texas about four years ago and I love it here! Wichita Falls is considered a smaller city to most people, but it’s a big city to me. I am a stay at home mom with three busy, awesome kids. James is 8, Mitchell is 6, and Hailee is 4.

I am working on a bachelor’s degree through Colorado State University online. The program is very fast paced, but I enjoy it. When my kids are a little older, and I’m done with my education, I hope to go in to the Human Resources field. I love the idea of having a small hand in the many different departments within an organization.

When I’m not taking care of my family, home, or doing homework, I love to read! I don’t have a favorite section at Barnes and Noble, but I would have to say the Harry Potter series is probably my favorite read so far. I also enjoy watching and playing sports, travelling to Colorado to spend time in the mountains, and exploring the great state of Texas.

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Laura Ritchie

I was born and raised in Wichita Falls and moved back recently after ten years away. I’m married to my high school sweetheart and together we have two children, Luke (age six) and Cadence (age two, nearly three).

I am a licensed professional counselor intern in the state of Texas and I’m passionate about helping children and their families to overcome every day obstacles and become a stronger unit.

I also help those who face more challenging issues such as adoption, divorce, or trauma. My hope is to help the parents of this community by sharing my experience not only as a counselor, but as a mother.

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Tiffany Jetton

I am a born and bred Wichitan.

After graduating from Rider High School (go ROHO!), I migrated to the DFW area to attend college where I earned my Bachelors in Education.

Despite parental protest, I stayed in the area to begin my new teaching career. The next eight years in my field were spent answering to: Miss, Miss Jetton, Miss J, and Miss Crouton (yes, kindergarteners are very creative). I have taught almost every grade from Kindergarten to 12th. Please don’t ask me to pick a favorite. Just like your mom I loved them all equally!

After 8 years of teaching and my first gray hair, I decided to move back home to be closer to my family, and planted roots in Burkburnett with the purchase of my first home.

Through my position at Texoma Community Credit Union, I am able to use my teaching skills to bring much needed financial education to those in the Texoma area. I have had the opportunity to teach in area classrooms, after-school programs, parent nights, and adult financial education classes. I also serve as an internal trainer to the employees of TCCU.

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