A Review: Texoma Fun House

Texoma’s Fun House. Have you guys been there yet? If you haven’t, go! This place is awesome for kids and PARENTS! Here is why:

Why kids will love it:

  1. Bounce Houses for ALL ages
  2. Obstacle Courses
  3. Battle Ball
  4. Games

I mean really, it’s kid Paradise. 

Why parents will love it:

  1. Recliners and comfortable seating throughout the whole place. The best part- you can see every bounce house and the exit from the bounce house area from pretty much every seat. No switching seats every time your kids move to a new bounce house.
  2. Open space and walkers for infants. Until Texoma Fun House, my experience with similar places involved toting or pushing infants through the whole place or being separated from older children. However, TFC’s open concept provides the perfect place for little ones who aren’t ready to jump to play. They even provide walkers for younger infants. Win, win.
  3. The price. It’s much cheaper than similar options. I mean you really can’t beat this:
    • 3 years and under: $3
    • 11 years and under: $5
    • Above 11 years: $7

So if you’re looking for an affordable way to let your kids release some energy this winter, grab a latte and head to Texoma’s Fun House for an easy Saturday morning! 






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