A New Thanksgiving Tradition for a Busy Family

We started a new tradition last year for Thanksgiving. We were working a lot, super tired, and thanks to the end of the year bonus, we were able to do something nice for ourselves – so we decided to life-hack Thanksgiving and make things easy.

First, housecleaning. We found a reliable and budget-friendly company and they cleaned my whole house! I cannot tell how wonderful it is to come to a clean house and just relax after a busy season.

Second, Cracker Barrel. Yes, they will cater an entire Thanksgiving meal, with all fixings that we love! (Again, we were super tired.) If you order early, they give you some treats, and I think this is a plus. The meal serves up to 10 people, so we were able to share with some friends that have no family close for the holiday season. No mess, no leftovers and hello dishwasher! By 3:00 pm we were done, kitchen clean and happy full bellies.

Third, Decorations. There are a lot of people teaching how to decorate on a dime, DYI projects and so on. If you are crafty, plan, shop, make the pieces and be merry! I was surprised by the quality of decorations at the Dollar Store! YES, WHO KNEW! Look for pieces that are timeless and can be stored for the years to come.

I am on the minimalist side of the spectrum, so my decoration is very simple and subtle. A table cloth, some orange, yellow and red flowers – natural ones, and a special candle burning on the mantle is more than enough for me. It’s quick, easy, and inexpensive. I also have a three-year-old and dogs, so simpler (and less breakable) is always better.

I love cooking because it reminds me of my grandma and my momma and how the family would meet at her house and visit and eat that delicious food. I also love the fact that her recipes are passing from generation to generation. But that special cookbook is open for Christmas only. For now, I feel no guilt for catering a foolproof meal and sharing with some friends in a clean house AT ALL!

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