Education During COVID: A Look Into In-School Learning

Here are some students who have chosen to attend school in person talking about what they thought their first day would be like vs what it actually was!

Stay with us as we follow these students through their first 6 weeks of school! Let the adventure begin!


Grant,1st grader from Evans Elementary, in person:
I was really excited to go to 1st grade and I really like my Teacher. I still get to talk to kids and the mask doesn’t bother me. I like eating breakfast and lunch in the classroom, because we don’t have to wait in lines to go to the cafeteria. My Teacher is so fun, I love her!

From Mom:
Last year’s Meet-the-Teacher was very overwhelming for Grant. New place, New people (and a LOT of people in one building at that time). This year we drove up and met his teacher and it was really calm. He didn’t get nervous the 1st day because he knew the building a bit and we talked about all the helpers that would take him to his class. Wearing masks hasn’t been a problem for my kids. After I pick them up from school and start to drive home, I have to remind them they can take off their masks! I expected some poor behavior to start happening at home after school (the stress of wearing mask, being on best behavior, new routines to follow) but there has been less that I anticipated. They are so glad to be around friends, be productive and have a routine,, that they are excited to go to school and in a good mood when I pick them up. I love knowing that if the schools close at some point this year, that my kids have gotten a break from the isolation of the Spring and Summer.


JT, 12th grader from BHS, in person:

I thought it would fall apart really easily and quickly.
I mean, come on, we are high schoolers but it didn’t.
For the most part, everyone kept their masks on when required.
They walked, for the most part, on the correct side of the hallway.
It was very different from other years because of the masks and
duct tape down the middle of the hall and the specific locations
for where you would eat lunch, spaced 6 feet apart of course.

From Mom:
I just didn’t really know what to expect. But was glad the school district,
administrators and teaching staff had put so much work into making
it “possible” to enforce, for the most part, the social
distancing, in order to give our children the highest percentages
of staying well, yet still allowing them to feel somewhat normal,
by being inside the classroom, around friends,
in familiar surroundings, giving them some much needed
“normalcy,” even though it wasn’t anywhere near normal
due to the safety precautions that were put in place.
The children need this socialization, even from a distance
and need to have a schedule and purpose (to be a student; to learn).

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