Education During COVID: A Look Into Digital/Homeschooling Life

What an exciting time that we live in that we are able to choose the best option\environment that works best for our students?! Even in these unknown times, we are able to put our children’s education first, make them comfortable, and keep them safe.

No matter which option you & your family have chosen, we all have those first-day jitters!
Here are some students who have chosen to be homeschooled or the distance learning option talking about what they thought their first day would be like vs what it actually was!

Stay with us as we follow these students through their first 6 weeks of school! Let the adventure begin!

Nayari, 6th grader from BMS, digital:

Thought it would be more like a call without
a mute and start on reviews from last year but
it more like and group chat on Snapchat
and only talking about our personalities.
Besides the whole virtual and person school,
they express themselves more. Even though it was my first day it wasn’t that complicated.

From Mom:
I knew that the first day would always be crazy.
But it wasn’t too bad. I appreciated that it wasn’t
overwhelming and that they said it would be little
at a time day by day. I can say its a lot easier than
I thought it was going to be so far. Of course, it’s
different this year because there is way more parent
involvement than last year. I will continue for the
6 weeks and see how it goes.


6th grader, Homeschool:
I don’t really like homeschool because I don’t get to see my friends. I feel like some of the stuff is hard because I wasn’t taught it in 5th grade. I like getting to sleep in and when mom lets us stay up later. He also said he is upset that he doesn’t get to watch the puberty video.

From Mom:
The first week was rough. Mainly bc we needed to figure out what worked for us. I kept questioning if what I do is enough. I still do lol. But I also know we made the right choice to homeschool.

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