Education During COVID: Another Six Weeks Are Up, Digital Edition


The first 6 weeks of the 2020 school year have come and went! Have our students changed their minds or have some of our digital students’ parents changed their minds to have their students attend in person.

There’s only one way to find out, join me for our last check-in with our digital students.

Nayari, 6th grader from BMS, digital:
I feel ok about the six weeks and I don’t mind doing it again. I enjoyed it but I would change on the live zooms. I didn’t really have any questions for my teacher but when I did I would ask them on Google classroom.

I actually really enjoyed having my babies home. So with that said I will keep them home for another 6 weeks. They on the other hand are ready to go back to school. They will go back after this winter. I chose to keep them home this 6 weeks because of the cold weather that is coming. I can already see the confusion that is coming with the covid symptoms being almost the same as the cold/flu. My only concern for them was the social skills that they would not get from staying home.


6th grader, Homeschool:
And his final thought is that he misses friends 😞 I really need to find more social opportunities for him. We go to the park by our house daily so that helps him see other kids as well. He is signed up for the teen Halloween movie night at the library is so stinking excited.

As for final thoughts, I would say homeschool is a lot different than I imagined. From my point of view, I get more time with my kids and we aren’t rushing doing homework, dinner, and bed every night. There are tough moments seeing as one of my kiddos has exceptional needs and usually had those needs met by teachers and a slew of staff at school and now all that falls onto my shoulders. But honestly, homeschool gives him more freedom to be himself and more freedom to learn how he wants, not how they want to teach him. I also enjoy the fact that he isn’t coming home overloaded with inappropriate things that he was learning from school and at the boys and girls club. We have stricter guidelines for internet usage at our house and sadly other families do not which caused him to hear and learn things at too young of an age. I know in a way that is sheltering him but kids today grow up too fast and I just want him to enjoy being a kid. Our daughter as well, but she hadn’t encountered that stuff yet thankfully. This is now turning into a novel 😂. Basically, homeschool rocks 😉 I honestly don’t know that I want them back in public school but I will always take into account what they want as well so that they have a say in the choice.

Thank you so much to these two students for giving their honest feedback on a situation that none of us have ever been through. Thank you to their parents for allowing us to follow them and share their thoughts. Our parents, students, and school facility are amazing and I know that we are all thankful for them!


Editor’s Note: This post is part of an ongoing series called “Education During COVID,” documenting the experience of students in our community during these unusual and stressful times. To read the other parts of this series, click here.

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