Education During COVID: Second Six Weeks Wrap-Up, In School Edition

The second six weeks of the 2020 school year have come and went! Have our students changed their minds or have some of our in-person students’ parents changed their minds to have their students attend digital?

There’s only one way to find out, join me for our last check-in with our in-person students.

Grant,1st grader from Evans elementary, in person:
The part I really like about school is math and science and one of my classmates’ mom bought a swing for the playground. I like wearing a mask, and I like having a student-teacher. It’s good to clean at the school to keep everyone safe.

There have been so many changes this year, some welcomed and some not so much. But the one change I have appreciated the most is how my own heart has changed. Life in a community is not going to be a perfect 50/50, give-and-take, relationship. We have been asked to give more, adjust more, be more compassionate. But we are not all going to do those things at the same time and at the same level and for the same reasons. Because we are all different. We were made different on purpose. So we could learn how to love one another. I have seen the physical demonstration of that love in the educators and parents in our school district as they do their very best to accommodate, sacrifice for, and serve the children of our community. Thank you all for putting in more than you may be receiving. The more we each act in love towards one another, the better our community becomes and that is precisely the environment I have hoped to raise my family in.


JT, 12th grader from BHS, in person:
I think schools fine, it’s just ridiculous how if a student’s family members go out and get covid every time we get a letter. And then that student is quarantined for obvious reasons. However, kids like myself, can’t function as well as others can over online courses. So honestly, systems a little bit bugged at the moment but I am doing my best.

Thank you so much to these two students for giving their honest feedback on a situation that none of us have ever been through. Thank you to their parents for allowing us to follow them and share their thoughts. Our parents, students, and school facility are amazing & I know that we are all thankful for them!


Editor’s Note: This post is part of an ongoing series called “Education During COVID,” documenting the experience of students in our community during these unusual and stressful times. To read the other parts of this series, click here.

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