4th of July Craft Time

Hello July! Here we are celebrating another holiday unsure of what is safe and not. Doesn’t mean we can’t make it fun for our littles! Today I’m sharing a fun and easy craft with things you may have on hand!

  • Red, blue, white and glitter paint
  • Black paper
  • Toilet paper rolls
  • Paper plates for easy clean up!
  1. Cut one side of your toilet paper rolls into strips (example in pictures). I did one for each paint color as I had 3 of my daughters using at one time.
  2. Let them take turns with each color. Like a homemade stamp! Even the tiniest tots can have fun with this up to your big kids with their special designs.

It will make a beautiful night sky picture with BOOMING fireworks. No matter where you are this 4th we hope you are healthy, safe and can see some AMAZING fireworks that make you feel inspired by the American Spirit. Stay tuned for a sweet treat to celebrate as well! God Bless America!

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