4th of July Craft and Treat

The 4th of July is, literally, right around the corner! I wanted to have some fun with my younger girls with what we had at home. So this morning I looked at all of our craft supplies and came up with a simple yet creative activity for them to do. My only guideline was that it had to do with the 4th, red, white, and blue. The rest was up to them. I did give them a little lesson on the 4th and what it means for our country and, honestly, they listened for about two seconds and then asked when I would be finished talking so they could paint. Thanks for your honesty girls, ha!

All of these supplies were bought at the Dollar Tree. Y’all, I am telling you that if you haven’t taken the time to shop there, you are spending too much!

The girls started right away! Watching their creativity come to life on paper is fun for me to watch!

Always a bonus when big sister wants to join in!

Finished creations! Descriptions of their paintings in their own words…
G: It’s food. Pretzels and waffles.
L: It has fireworks. It also has sparklers. It has a confetti.
E: Fireworks, a flag, a blue & green butterfly, red flowers, stars at the top. The stuff on the side are ladders.
B: What popped in my head to paint.

Now onto the yummy treat, the girls made!
Have you guessed what they made yet!?

Gracie was more than willing to taste test the frosting to make sure it was good enough to eat!

They are a win…..and a little messy!

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