Caffeine = Mom Juice

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I drink a lot of caffeine in different ways. After all, I am a little human chaser. Personally, I have a Dr. Pepper problem. To be specific? About four (plus) cans a day. Kicking the green cans (pure cane sugar) cold turkey is hard! I have tried a few dozen times.

My efforts of kicking Dr. Pepper to the curb most days start with coffee. I’ve been taking my coffee black, and to be honest, for a while there it was horrible. I had a bit of learning curve.

My mornings look like chaos. On a calm day I get my son, Oaklee, settled in for breakfast and contemplate the literal and figurative pile of stuff I have to do. Other mornings I am running from one end of the house to the other trying find my phone, key, and my pants while attempting to get my kiddo ready for school.

Kick-starting my mornings are a big deal! It’s vital that my coffee has body, be balanced, and most of all strong. A so-so cup of joe makes me want to pull the tab off of a Dr. Pepper. Old lousy caffeine habits die hard! It needs to bring me out of my sleepy haze and help me feel right about tackling my day.

My in-laws are long-time lovers of coffee. So much so that they started roasting and selling beans. (For those of you familiar, they’re the owners of  Hook and Ladder) But the fact remains that at twenty-something years old, I still have not figured out how to make black coffee that does not taste like mud to me. coffeeSo I snooped around their kitchen when we were visiting last weekend to see how they do it. It was mid-morning, “What are you putting through your food processor?” I asked my mother-in-law.

Laughing she answered, “This is not a food processor. I am grinding our coffee beans.”

I picked her brain a little more to get the lowdown on brewing a good cup.

Her Professional Advice?

  1. Choose a premium coffee brand. Don’t go for the bottom-of-the-shelf stuff that you find in cans. Preferably choose a local brand that can provide you with the freshest option. In Wichita Falls, TX we have a few options: Odd Duck, Loft Roasters, and Hook and Ladder to name a few.
  2. Find the right level for you. I fancy a medium brew because it is not as overpowering.

What are your tips? How do you take your morning cup?

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