1,2,3,4… I Declare a Nerf Blaster War!

This weekend we celebrated Oaklee turning six! We kept it low-key, and filled with the exact type of fun any five or six-year-old would love.

Here’s how we kept it easy, fun, and budget-friendly:

1.) Cake

We booked our cupcake order at United Supermarket. I love them because they are super reliable, make tasty cake, and are affordable. I chose a cupcake cake because it’s easier to distribute the cake at the party, without all the slicing and mess.

2.) Party Supplies

I stopped by our new, local Party City. They had all of the nerf swag and themed tablecloths. Pro Tip: If you need balloons, call Party City before the day of! (It may take a while for the store associates to inflate your order. It was a particularly busy day and it took about 2 hours for my order to be complete.)

3.) Set-Up

One way we kept cost for down for everyone was encouraging a B.Y. O. N. G. (Bring Your Own Nerd Gun) instead of bringing gifts for my son. We did purchase five extra just in case but only used two. And we purchased many packages of darts.

The Party

As guest arrived especially Oaklee’s friends they played in the backyard. The party kicked off with cake & blue and orange Kool-Aid jammers. I figured it was best to sugar up the kids before sending them off to shoot off their nerf blasters at each other. And what is a party with out a piñata?!

Then… we got everyone ready for battle.

With a blaster in each hand and pockets full of amo, the real fun began. We walked down to the ‘battle’ zone and went over two import rules… do not shoot anyone in the head and HAVE FUN!

We used the trees in our backyard and tarps and zip ties from harbor freight to create this area.

The kiddos played for about an hour and a half. They all had a blast. And I know my big six-year-old slept well that night!

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